I’m in Transition

Wow, that sounds so dramatic … what I mean to say is that I’m in the long and slow process of switching my site from Blogger to WordPress. So if you’ve come along here … please come over to my main Easy Peasy Organic site and say hello. That’s where you’ll find all the content … Continue reading

Cure for the Common Cold

Ever have one of those days where you feel a bit like this? Yes, well I can relate. I just had one of those days, complete with a voice like Grover from Sesame Street (only it doesn’t sound so cute on me). I whisper-read books to Nelle. I drank lots of green tea with lemon. … Continue reading


I had big plans this week. BIG plans. Here’s what I had going: make my new business idea a reality. fly to Sydney to visit friends and family. dinner with a friend the night before leaving. dinner with another friend the night returning. tidying the house for our house-and-dog sitter. planning out my writing career. … Continue reading

Ode to Bananas

Where oh where would I be without bananas? The perfect antidote to hunger-induced grumpiness. (Not that I’d know anything about that). Incredibly toss-into-bag-able. Nutritious and entertaining and tummy-filling for my little Nelle. Perfect for smoothies and cakes and sliced over granola. I want so much to plant a banana tree. We have the climate for … Continue reading

Kids Can Make … Zucchini Cake

Gingerbread for wimps. Zucchini bread with zing. Kids can make … zucchini cake.  Hmm … that might work. I like the poetic feel of it, anyway. Maybe I should write the whole post in rhyme? Uh … no. What am I thinking? I’m obviously not spending enough adult-to-adult time.  Anyway, this is a lovely muffin … Continue reading

A Basket of ‘Googies’

Little Red Riding Hood lives at my house. No matter where you are – she’ll find you, with her basket of ‘googies’ in tow. An imaginary wolf hides behind the couch, or under the dining table – always ready to leap out and frighten our little heroine away. But she persists. She’s very stubborn, our … Continue reading

Easy Peasy Homemade Yogurt

We go through a lot of yogurt in our house … so much, in fact, that I seriously considered buying a share in an organic cow. Well, not really … but it did give me reason to start making my own. I do this the easy way, and on the cheap. Whenever I see organic … Continue reading

Mango Therapy

Melancholy. That’s how I feel today, even though I’m sitting at my kitchen bench with the smell of strawberries wafting over me. Even though I’ve just had a good coffee. And even though I spent an hour wandering around my favourite market. Buying mangoes. A tray of organic mangoes – seconds – for just $15. What … Continue reading

New Grilled Cheese

Is there anything faster for lunch? Bread + cheese + some sort of toasting implement = near-instant happiness. But wait – what if we jazz this up a little bit?  What if we make it a) more nutritious and b) somewhat eastern Europe? Even more happiness. (And if you still haven’t forgiven me for the … Continue reading

Coffee Currency

I’m not big on guilt. Maybe it was cancer that did it – gave me permission to do more of the things that I’ve always wanted. Released me from waiting for that rainy day … the paid-off credit card … the savings account. Whatever it was doesn’t really matter. The fact is that now I … Continue reading

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